We are so happy to welcome Joah Spearman to the Suite Run Podcast! 

Joah is a passionate (and fast!) runner as well as an author and businessman. Joah is the founder and CEO of Localeur, a leading travel startup that shares local recommendations in over 200 cities around the world. Localeur has partnered with large companies such as Nike, Match.com, Lyfy, JetBlue and more. Joah is one the few African American technology founders to have raised more than $5 million for his business. Joah has become a sought-after speaker on a range of podcasts and for stories in major publications such as Barron's, Financial Times, Forbes, Inc. Magazine and NPR.

In this conversation, we talk about Joah's business expertise in addition to his running and the goals he is aiming for. Then we talk all things Austin, y'all! Joah lived in Austin for over 20 years (he just moved to Sacramento) and he shares a lot of valuable info about Austin: running, dining out, hotels, races and more - we're ready to pack our bags!

Enjoy our conversation!

Joah's recommendations for Austin, TX:


1. Lady Bird Hike and Bike Trail (11 miles around, or can run shorter loops - dirt/gravel)
2. Mt. Benell (Run from Austin High School to Mt. Bunell and back - this is 13.1 miles and a very hilly route)


1. Better Half (Coffee shop - good burgers and brunch)
2. Cuantos Tacos (Food truck - Mexican street tacos
3. Fixe (Best biscuits)
4. Comedor (Upscale Mexican Restaurant - try the Bone Marrow tacos, the best in Austin! They also have delicious desserts). NOTE: check out the Comedor Run Club every Mon, Wed and Fri - meet at 10 AM and run a 5k.
5. Launderette (Sit at the bar and order the ice cream sandwich - so delicious!)
6. Uchi (Sushi restaurant - try the "fried milk dessert")
7. Olamaie (Southern food)


1. South Congress Hotel (Rooftop pool)
2. Hotel Ella (Old mansion turned into a hotel. Nice pool)
3. Best neighborhoods for vacation rentals - Travis Heights and Clarksville


1. Capitol 10K
2. 3M Half Marathon
3. Run for the Water (10 mile race in November)

Places of Interest

1. Barton Springs Pool (Natural springs fed public pool - size of two Olympic pools)
2. Laguna Gloria (outdoor sculpture garden)

Running Store

1. The Loop (located downtown)

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