On February 3rd, 2:09 marathoner Elkanah Kibet rounded the corner with just a couple of minutes left on the course of the US Olympic Marathon Trials and a spectator shouted out: "You're going to Paris!!" 

He couldn't believe it, he had done it - Elkanah was going to become an Olympian. In the next moment, Elkanah was passed by another competitor (Lenny Korir) and just like that, the race was over. He was left in fourth place in an instant, an Olympic dream delayed. Elkanah wasn't tired at all - he made a micro mistake by slowing down and that was that.

It takes a special person not to visibly be heartbroken at the loss of an Olympic Dream - especially at 40 years old. In this conversation, Elkanah shares that he will be back at the 2028 Trials to achieve his dream and the joy in his heart is palpable. We talk about kids, training, racing, and his tips to grab a sub three marathon! Of course we talk all about where he lives and trains in Colorado Springs - beautiful places to run, where he likes to dine out, races and more.

Enjoy our conversation!

Elkanah Kibet's recommendations for Colorado Springs, CO:


1. Santa Fe Trail
    Along highway 25

2. Fountain Creek along the river 

3. Bear Creek Regional Park

    Off highway 25 exit 141 near Walmart.

4. Garden of the Gods

5. One mile incline, Manitou Springs


1. Black Bear Diner
2. Chick-Fil-A
3. Dairy Queen


1. The Broadmoor
2. AirBnB


1. Garden of The Gods 10 Mile

Places of Interest

1. Garden of The Gods

Running Store

1. The Colorado Running Company
2. Fleet Feet

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