Welcome to Olympic Marathon Trials week! We are pumped to have 2:47 marathoner, Jereny Rivera on the show to share the BEST of her hometown of Orlando, FL!

Jereny truly loves running and in the last eight years, she has transformed herself from a 5:25 marathoner to a 2:47 marathoner (she achieved that time at the Houston Marathon in 2023). Oh, and Jereny lost 50 pounds along the way, plus she is just getting started to become the fastest version of herself. Look out 2028 Olympic Trials - Jereny is coming for you!

In this chat, we dig into Jereny's progression as a runner and what her goals are for 2024. Then we talk all things ORLANDO! What a treat to get Jereny's perspective as a runner who loves her city, she knows these streets and we get the 411 for everyone traveling to Orlando for the Trials this week. 

Enjoy our conversation!

Jereny's recommendations for Orlando, FL: 


1. Lake Baldwin (3 miles from downtown)
2. From downtown Orlando, start on Washington Street, run around the lake Eola, cut into South Street. Lots of room to add on to your run, or do a shake out.
3. West Orange Trail (22 minutes from downtown - shade, bike shop, bathrooms.)
4. Clermont Clay Loop (Olympic Training Center is near this loop - a beautiful place to run!)
5. Winter Park (another great area for running)


1. Winter Park is a great area to grab brunch
2. Mills 50, Ivanhoe, Milk District are great areas for food options
3. Tory Tory (for tapas)
4. The Hideaway (Florida vibes restaurant - delicious food!)
5. Linda's La Cantina Steakhouse
6. La Cantina
7. Wa Sushi (great sushi!)
8. The Thai House
9. Craft Uncommon (for great coffee, including seasonal drinks)
10. Lineage (coffee)
11. The AJ Chocolate House (Located in Winterpark. They feature a European hot chocolate)


1. Thorton Park (suburb next to downtown) for vacation rental area
2. College Park and Winter Park are additional areas to stay


1. Orlando Magic 5K (Takes place the day after the Olympic Trials!)
2. Mt. Dora (Christmas time)
3. Winter Park 10K (March)
4. Run for the Pies

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