We welcome Jonathan Levitt back to the Suite Run Podcast! (Go back to episode 24 to listen to the first conversation).

In this conversation, we chat about living, running and training in Boulder. We also talk about Jonathan's longtime podcast, "For The Long Run", and then we turn serious and cerebral about the conflict in Israel. In the second half it's all things Boulder - Run, sleep, eat and play with the best athletes in the world!

Jonathan's recommendations for Boulder, CO:


1. BoBo Link Trail
2. Dawdy Draw
3. Goshawk Trail (run clockwise for the best view in Boulder)


1. Scratch Cafe (Asian inspired breakfast food)
2. Blackbelly Market and Restaurant
3. Japango
4. Blowfish (Best sushi - expensive)
5. Pizzeria Alberico
6. Avery Brewing
7. Sanitas Brewing
8. Rayback Collective (Beer Garden)
9. Sweet Cow (Ice Cream)
10. Cafe Modern


1. Find a hotel or Air BnB between Canyon and 28th


1. Bolder Boulder
2. Boulderthon (Sept. 2024)

Places of Interest

1. Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory in North Boulder (Fun fact - pro runners use the parking lot when it snows)

Running Store

1. Boulder Running Company
2. A Runner's Roost

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