We are so excited to welcome Jonathan Levitt to the show! Jonathan is a marathoner, trail runner, host of his podcast, For The Long Run and the Sales Manager for Inside Tracker, one of the coolest jobs around. It's very possible that Jonathan knows practically every endurance athlete on social media and he's the kind of person that you want to go for a run and share a beer with. 

Jonathan lives in iconic Boston, MA, (although he is currently living an enviable life in the mountains of CO) and we get the lowdown on everything we need to know about running, dining out, the best races (there are races other than the Boston Marathon in Boston!) and more in Beantown. We also talk about Jonathan's running career, including the race details of his sub three hour achievement and so much more. Don't miss this great conversation!

Jonathan's Recommendations in Boston, MA


1. Go up Mass Ave. onto the river and get on the Mass Ave. Bridge and cross toward Cambridge, run up towards Harvard, loop back at one of the bridges (depending on the desired distance), run along Starrow Dr. and go under the BU Bridge on a pedestrian footbridge, where it is one of two places in the world where you can be next to a person that is under a bus, under a boat and under an airplane - there is also a train involved. Round the corner and you'll see the best view of Boston. Then go along the esplanade and loop back to wherever you are staying. (A 3-8 + mile run).

2. Run on the reverse of the Boston Marathon course, and go down Beacon Street all the way into Cleveland Circle and then up towards Boston College and follow it all the way to (Cheasnut St) where you get back to turn on the marathon course (next to Newton/Wellsley Hospital), then turn at the Newton firehouse to hit the Newton hills. Run 3.5 hills of hills and then roll back into Boston via Heartbreak hill and then all downhill (12-20 miles - 18-20 mile run from downtown).

Note: Go for a run along the Boston Marathon from February - the Boston Marathon. Great sense of community, people are out cheering, handing out water and encouraging each other.


1. Stay in Brookline Village (Air BnB)


1. Washington Square Tavern (fish, burgers)

2. Public House (burgers, incredible beer, wings)

3. Mackenzie River (Best pizza)

4. Check out the great restaurant next to Summer Street Bridge

5. Owl's Nest (great beer on the Esplanade)


1. Super Sunday (5k or 5 miler - takes places on Super Bowl Sunday)

2. Falmouth Race (on the Cape in August)

3. Baystate Marathon (in September)


1. Fenway Park

2. Freedom Trail


1. PJ Licks for Ice Cream

Jonathan's favorite time of the year in Boston is Springtime.

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