We are so happy to welcome Jamal Davis to the Suite Run Podcast! Jamal is a former Division three collegiate basketball athlete, who is now a triathlete! Jamal recently completed every distance of triathlon in one year, including the Lake Placid Ironman in July 2021. In this conversation we have a great time chatting with Jamal about how he got into triathlon, what training and racing an Ironman was like (while balancing life with his wife and their baby) and the races he has coming up in 2022 (spoiler alert - there will be a mix of road races as well!). We also talk about Jamal's popular weekly Friday Instagram "Coffee Posse" conversations where he features a mix of passionate athletes, which you should definitely check out! In the second half of the chat, Jamal shares the best of Brooklyn from his perspective including the best places to run, dine out, grab dessert and more in Brooklyn. 

Enjoy our conversation!

Jamal's recommendations for Brooklyn, NY:

1. Run Brooklyn Bridge Park, cross the Brooklyn Bridge, Battery Park (Bowling Green). Run uptown  (World Trade Center View), run through China Town and back over Manhattan Bridge (great tour of Brooklyn and Manhattan). 6-7 mile run.
2. You can also run over the Brooklyn Bridge and back for a shorter run.


1. Brooklyn Public House (great for lunch or drinks)
2.Court Street Bagels
3. Bagel World
4. Romans (Fancy Italian)
5. Graziella's (Neighborhood Italian)
6. Pharmacy (old school soda shop for the best ice cream!)
7. 1 Hotel (Rooftop with amazing views for drinks)
8. Dick and Jane's (for drinks)


1. The Marriott
2. 1 Hotel (Fancy)


1. NYC Marathon
2. Brooklyn Turkey Trot (5 miles)

Places of Interest

1. Walk around Prospect Park
2. Red Hook (Great views of Statue of Liberty)
3. Brooklyn Bowl

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