We are so happy to welcome Lindsay Crouse to the show! Lindsay is a producer, writer and editor for the New York Times. She has made a name for herself in the world of running and journalism with such groundbreaking stories like Nike "Dream Maternity" with high profile world class athletes. Lindsay also produced a powerful Op-ed interview and video with pro runner Mary Cain, a former Nike athlete that tells her raw story about running and training under Nike. Lindsay is also an accomplished marathoner with a fast PR of 2:53 that she achieved in December 2019, and we are sure to see great performances from her in the future.

We talk about many topics with Lindsay's running and professional career and then we pivot into Lindsay's recommendations on the best place to RUN and hang out in New York City.

Don't miss this great conversation!

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Lindsay's recommendations for New York City:


1. Westside Highway (She also loves to do speed work here)


1. Cook Shop (New American cuisine in Chelsea)

1. Eating anywhere in the West Village or Upper West Side


1. NYC Marathon 

2. Mini 10K


1, High Line Hotel in Chelsea


1. The Morgan Library (This is J.P. Morgan Chase's collection in his old house and Lindsay highly recommends visiting)

2. Take a city bike ride across the island and walk back.


1. JackRabbit Running Store

Lindsay's favorite season in NYC is Autumn.

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