Katelyn (Kate) Gunderson is a mechanical and aerospace engineer currently attending the National Test Pilot School in Mojave, CA through a flight test engineering fellowship. Kate also has a passion for increasing female participation in engineering and authors a blog aimed at empowering women to confidently thrive in STEM fields. In this conversation, we dig deep into Kate's fascinating career, how she balances marathon training and what is next on the agenda for her running and career goals. Later on, Kate shares some really cool recommendations on where to run and and lot more around the Mojave Desert.

Enjoy our conversation!

Kate's recommendations for Mojave, CA :


1. Pacific Crest Trail, Tehachapi, CA (25 minutes North West of Mojave)


1. ThaiHachapi Restaurant (Tehachapi, CA)
2. Kohnen's German Bakery (Great soup, sandwiches and fresh bread - Tehachapi, CA)
3. There are wineries to visit in Tehachapi
4. Visit the Italian restaurant on the main street in Tehachapi


1. Green Street Micro Village, Tehachapi, CA

Places of Interest

1. Run on the Pacific Crest Trail past the windmills (Tehachapi, CA)

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