We are honored to have Zoë Rom on the Suite Run Podcast!

Zoë is the editor in chief at Trail Runner magazine; managing editor at Women’s Running; and writer, host, and producer of the DNF podcast, which has been called the “This American Life of running podcasts” by Los Angeles Review of BooksRom is an award-winning journalist whose work has been featured in OutsideBackpacker, and Trail Runner magazines as well as on NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered. In 2019, she won the Colorado Broadcasters Association’s award for Outstanding Feature Reporting. Her writing has also appeared in Women’s RunningDiscoverREI Co-op Journal, and on Threshold, a Peabody-award-winning environmental podcast.

Rom is an elite trail runner with a master’s degree in environmental journalism from the University of Colorado–Boulder. She has covered sled dog racing in the Alaskan bush, arctic sea ice exploration in Norway, morel hunting in northern Arkansas, competitive alpaca racing in the Colorado Rockies, and much more. Her running accomplishments include first place at the Crested Butte 100K and Athens Big Fork Trail Marathon as well as two consecutive wins at the War Eagle 50K.

In this conversation, we talk extensively about Zoë's book "Becoming a Sustainable Runner" that she co-authored with Tina Muir. In the second half, Zoë shares the best of her hometown of Carbondale, CO. Everyone knows Aspen, but Carbondale is a true hidden gem that you will want to explore.

We are excited to share this chat with you all, so cozy up and let's go!

Zoë's recommendations for Carbondale, CO:


1. Catherine Store Loop - 17 mile loop right outside of town (beautiful views of 14 foot mountains)
2. Great running and and bike paths around town (there are 2 stoplights)
3. Every Thursday, group run around town


1. Plosky's Deli (great bagel sandwiches - "carrot is a fish" vegan sandwich is a favorite!)
2. The Village Smithy (Great coffee and brunch)
3. Bonfire Coffee
4. The El Dorado


1. The Avalanche Ranch (cabins and hot springs!)


1. The Golden Leaf Half Marathon (net downhill, on trail, beautiful views)

Running Store

1. Independence Run and Hike

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