What an end of the year treat to have 2:56:02 marathoner and physical therapist (to the running stars!), Jessica Dorrington on the Suite Run Podcast! Here is Jessica's impressive bio in her own words:

I have a love for helping people stay active and see the athlete in us all.  My goal is to get every person back to what they love to do. 

 As a practicing physical therapist in Portland, OR since 2002, I have been honored to be a part of the journey of many athletes. This includes assisting dozens of professional and Olympic athletes and subsequent return to elite performance. I was honored to be asked to lead PT at the World Track and Field Championships.  I take a comprehensive approach to my practice, considering the multidimensional interplay of core, pelvic floor, sports therapy, gait mechanics, and orthopedic considerations to ensure every patient is set up for success. I have extensive credentialing, ensuring advanced competency including as a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist through the American Physical Therapy Association, Certified Manual Physical Therapist, Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner’s Certification, Intrapartum Pelvic Care Training, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Post-Partum Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification, Bike Fit Certified, ASTYM certified.  As my accolades display, I am an education junkie who continues to live my life’s passion through over 1200 combined hours of post-graduate clinical education and teaching for other medical providers, physical therapists, and practitioners. My mission is simple: I want to get every patient back to doing what they love to do. When I’m not with family or helping patients, I am out on the trails, road and track practicing what I preach. 

Friends, you are in for a great conversation and an inspiring jump start to the new year! In the second part of our chat, Jessica shares with us her go-to places to train, dine out, race and more in the great city of Portland. Let's go!

Enjoy our conversation!

Jessica's recommendations for Portland, OR:


1. Dunaway Track (Lots of people working out there - fun community vibe)
2. Sauvie Island (Flat and beautiful)
3. Fairmont (A loop that mimics CIM with rolling hills)
4. Banks-Vernonia State Trail


1. Really great restaurants are in the Portland airport!
2. Portland City Grill (great food and grills)
3. Charthouse (great views)
4. Great restaurants downtown
5. Voodoo donuts
6. Blue Start donuts
7. Ruby Jewel (Great ice cream!)
8. Salt and Straw (ice cream)
9. Dragon Fly Coffee Shop
10. St. HonorĂ© (French bakery)


1. Timberline Lodge (Great in the summertime)
2. Vacation rental on the coast
3. Vacation rental in town


1. Shamrock
2. Oregon Road Racers Club (puts on good local races)
3. Hippy Chick (on Mother's Day - good small race)

Places of Interest

1. The Japanese Garden (beautiful in the fall)
2. The Rose Garden (spring and summer)

Running Store

1. Foot Traffic
2. Portland Running Company

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