We are so happy to welcome Andrea Kooiman to the Suite Run Podcast! Andrea has run over 100 marathons (no, that wasn't a typo!) and over 50 ultra distance events. Professionally, she just celebrated nine years working at Road Runner Sports in grassroots marketing, co-founded a youth non-profit running program, WeROCK (We Run Our Community's Kids) and spends many weekends race announcing run and triathlon events all across the country. 

In this conversation, Andrea shares about her entry into ultramarathoning and what exactly goes into racing for multiple days (so many good stories). Then we pivot and talk about her beautiful hometown of Mission Viejo, CA - where to run, dine out, hang out and more! We hope you enjoy listening to Andrea's story as much as we loved chatting with her!

Enjoy our conversation!

Andrea's recommendations for Mission Viejo, CA:


1. The Arroyo Trabuco (Beautiful trail system)
2.  Alysio Woods Canyon
3. El Morro Crystal Cove (Ocean views and single track trails)
4. Santa Ana Mountain
5. Mt. Baldy (One hour, 10 minute drive)


1. Plumeria Cafe by Stacks (Pancake house)
2. Aloha Stacks (In Mission Viejo)
3. Hennessey's Pub
4. Dublin Four Gastro Pub


1. Inn at the Mission (In San Juan Capistrano)
2. Stay along the ocean


1. The John Wayne Foundation - Newport Coast Event (5k, 15k and 50k)
2. Catalina 50 mile and 50k run
3. Orange County Marathon (OC Marathon)

Places of Interest

1. Lake Mission Viejo
2. Community Outdoor events (outdoor concerts and craft fairs)

Running Store

1. Roadrunner Sports (Obviously! :)

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