We are happy to welcome Winthrope Wellington to the Suite Run Podcast!

Winthrope was born and raised in NY. He currently resides in Negril Jamaica after moving there in 2006 to join his family’s hotel business, Travellers Beach Resort. He hosts a video podcast where he helps people move to Jamaica as well as hosting an annual Jamaica investment conference. Winthrope is a 2:36 marathoner who has a goal of breaking 2:30 at the London marathon in April 2024. He also aims to complete the 6 world major marathons with just London and Tokyo left. The majority of his training is done in Jamaica on solo runs.

We talk about Winthrope's impressive running resume and then we dive into the natural beauty of Negril. Winthrope walks us through this beautiful island from a native's perspective and we are already booking the ultimate run party that we chat about in this fun conversation. 

Enjoy our conversation!

Winthrope's recommendations for Negril, Jamaica:


1. There is a two mile running path across the street from the Travellers Beach Resort (Winthrope owns this property!)

2. Seven Mile Beach, Negril


1. Travellers Beach Resort for breakfast
2. Rick's Cafe for sunsets and drinks
3. Miss Lilly's at Skylark for Lunch
4. Charela Inn Resort for breakfast with a French twist
5. Colleta's
6. Sips and Bites
7. Catch A Falling Start (fancy)
8. Rockhouse (sunsets)


1. Travellers Beach Resort
2. Bath Fountain Hotel and Spa
3. Rockhouse Hotel and Spa


1. Reggae Halpf
2. Sagicore 5k in Kingston
3. Sigma 5k in Montego Bay

Places of Interest

1. Mayfield Falls
2. Reach Falls, Port Antonio
3. Bath Fountain Hotel and Spa
4. Rockhouse Hotel and Spa
5. Jackie's on the Reef

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