We are so happy to welcome Brooke Hult to the Suite Run Podcast! Brooke is the Social Media Strategist for Garmin Running and she is crushing the roads in her own running. Brooke is a 1:28 half marathoner, a 3:09 marathoner and she is training hard to take her racing to the next level this fall with TWO back to back marathons. In this conversation, we talk about Brooke's entry into the sport, her summer training, the group of women that push each other in marathon workouts and more. In the second half, we have a lot of fun chatting about the best of Kansas City, Missouri from Brooke's perspective. 

BBQ, anyone?

Enjoy our conversation!

Brooke's recommendations for Kansas City, MO:


1. The Trolley Trail (gravel trail starts by the plaza and UMKC campus runs 7 miles south)


1. Visit an area called The Crossroads Arts District in Kansas City (this neighborhood has coffee, breweries, nicer dinners)
2. Messenger Coffee Company (for coffee and baked goods - located downtown. Rooftop/balcony area to enjoy coffee.
3. Mildred's (breakfast)
4. Homegrown Kansas City - Brookside (breakfast)
5. Joe's Kansas City BBQ (located in a gas station. Get the "Z-Man" sandwich!)
6. Q 39 (for BBQ)
7. Andy's Frozen Custard
8. Betty Rae's (great ice cream - wild flavors)
9. The Crossroads Hotel (got to the bar for a drink. Go to the rooftop to go to a bar called Percheron.
10. Lazia (Italian food next to the Crossroads Hotel)


1. Lowes Hotel (downtown)
2. Crossroads Hotel


1. The KC Marathon (sponsored by Garmin)

Places of Interest

1. Brookside Farmer's Market
2. Go to a Chief's game (you must tailgate - so arrive 3 hours before!)

Running Store

1. The Running Well Store (three locations - female owned. They do custom fittings)
2. Fleet Feet

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