We are happy to welcome Latoya Shauntay Snell to the Suite Run Podcast! Latoya is the founder of Running Fat Chef and her host of her show, Running Fat Chef Podcast. She is a Global Athlete Ambassador for Hoka as well as a Chef, Writer, Motivational Speaker, Multi Sport Athlete + Ultrarunner. In this conversation, we begin with Latoya's experience as a chef, move on to her running and then we chat about the great places to dine out, run, race and more in her neighborhood of Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn.

*Be advised of some adult language*

Enjoy our conversation!

Latoya's recommendations for Brooklyn, NY:


1. Brooklyn Bridge (run it before 7 AM - stop and take it all in)
2. Clinton Hill and Fort Green Neighborhoods
3. Throop Ave
4. Weeksville Development in Crown Heights (very historical) - go down to Fulton Street. Run up Lewis Ave all the way to Bushwick (take in the culture).


1. Peaches Restaurant
2. Zaca Cafe
3. Therapy Wine Bar 2.0
4. Tak King
5. Go to a Bodega (ask for bacon, egg and cheese on a roll + coffee)
6. Cloud 9 Crepes (order lavender latte and Boba tea)
7. Lady Moo Moo (ice cream sandwiches)
8. Taste Wine and Spirits
9. Happy Cork


1. Akwaaba Mansion


1. Brooklyn Half (two separate races with either NYRR or New York City Runs - they take different routes)

Places of Interest

Take the time to walk around and check out the architecture. 

Running Store

1. Jack Rabbit

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