We are happy to welcome Tywon Thompson to the Suite Run Podcast! Tywon is a running coach, yoga instructor, former co-leader of November Project Dallas, Brooks Ambassador and a realtor. Not only does Tywon love running (he hosts a run club every Monday evening in Dallas - check it out!), he also loves to sing and make people laugh. 

You'll feel the joy in this conversation as Tywon shares about his  with plenty of stories In the second half, we chat all things Dallas! Tywon's favorite running routes, races, hotel, restaurants and more - let's go to the Big D!

Enjoy our conversation!

Tywon's recommendations for Dallas:


1. White Rock Lake (9.7 mile loop)
2. Katy Trail


1. White Rock Coffee
2. The Old Monk (brunch)
3. The Exchange Hall (lots of food choices - located in the AT&T Discovery District)
4. Westlake Brewing Company
5. Fluellen Cupcakes 
6. Monarch restaurant (in The Thompson Hotel)
7. Trinity Groves Restaurant Group (variety of food, drinks and cake bar)
8. Lockharts BBQ 


1. The Adolphus Hotel
2. Magnolia
3. The Thompson Hotel (pricey)


1. Hot Chocolate
2. The Dash for the beads
3. Dallas Marathon

Places of Interest

1. Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge (see the skyline of Dallas)

Running Store

1. Fleet Feet Dallas

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