Olympian, New York Times Bestselling author and NBC sports analyst, Kara Goucher is BACK as a returning guest on the Suite Run Podcast! What a special treat to have Kara return to the show to chat with us two years after our first conversation. This time we talk a lot about Kara's new book, "The Longest Race" and the impact that her compelling story has had on the running and sports industry - definitely put Kara's book at the top of your reading list.

In the second half, we talk about Kara's original hometown of Duluth, MN! Raised in this idyllic lake town (now she gets to spend her summers there!), Kara walks us through her absolute favorite places to RUN, dine out, sightsee, race and much more. This is a special conversation friends - we hope you enjoy listening as much as we loved spending an hour with Kara.

Kara's recommendations for Duluth, MN:


1. Run downtown on the Boardwalk on Lake Superior. There are many beautiful options including over the Ariel Life Bridge, go down to Park Point and running on London Road.
2. Run at Hartley Field (There is a 5k and 3k loop)
3. Bagley Nature Trails


1. Canal Park Brewery (located right on the lake)
2. The PortLand Malt Shoppe (Great milkshakes!)
3. Bridgeman's (Delicious brunch, milkshakes and ice cream sodas!)
4. Sir Benedicts Tavern on the Lake (An old gas station turned into a sandwich shop).


1. Fitgers Inn (Old Historic Hotel)
2. Stay at a hotel on the lake in Canal Park


1. The Park Point 5 miler
2. Grandma's Marathon (of course!)
3. William A. Irving 5k (The day before Grandma's Marathon)

Places of Interest

1. Go to the North Shore. (Beautiful trails and waterfalls. Also, visit Betty's pies and get the raspberry pie!)
2. Split Rock Lighthouse
3. Canal Park (So fun to skip rocks)
4. Inger Golf Course (Go to the tower and climb to the top)
5. Ariel Lift Bridge
6. If you fly into Minneapolis and drive to Duluth, stop in the town of Hinkley along the way and go to Toby's for cinnamon and carmel rolls.

Running Stores

1. Austin Jarrow
2. The Duluth Running Company

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