We are excited to welcome professional runner, Nell Rojas to the Suite Run Podcast! 

Nell Rojas is on fire right now in her running career and we are HERE for it. Fresh off a PR of 2:24:51 at the Boston Marathon nearly four weeks ago (and coming in first American at Boston in 2021 and 2022), Nell has her sights on the Olympic Trials Marathon in February 2024. First, there is a lot of focused prep and racing in front of her and we have the chance to chat with Nell about that and a lot more. Nell shares about her running, the Boston Marathon, her training and mental strategy as well as her thriving coaching business and new strength training app! In the second half we chat about Nell's hometown of Boulder. Many people in Boulder are transplants, but Nell was born and raised in Boulder! Nell shares her favorite places to run, dine out, places of interest, races and more in the land of the super athletes (8 minute pace - that's too slow! You'll have to listen to the full episode to find out what we are talking about).

Take us with you on your next run - you are not going to want to miss this conversation.

Nell's recommendations for Boulder, CO:


1. Doudy Draw Trail (One of Nell's favorite runs in the world - views of the flatirons and more.)
2. Magnolia Road (tough and iconic)


1. Boxcar (for coffee)
2. Cured (sandwich shop located in Boxcar)
3. Verde (Amazing Mexican restaurant for dinner)
4. Sweet Cow (best ice cream!)


1. Stay at an Air Bnb in Nederland or somewhere in the mountains.


1. Bolder Boulder (Fun fact: Nell's Dad - Ric Rojas, won the first Bolder Boulder!)

Places of Interest

1. Walk on Pearl St.
2. Hike Sanitas Trail
3. Go skiing in the winter.

Running Store

1. In Motion (Awesome locally owned running store with a PT clinic in the back. They also offer family events).

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