We are really happy to welcome, three time Olympian - Diane Nukuri to the Suite Run Podcast!

Diane is a professional runner for Asics and a real estate agent living in Flagstaff, AZ. We loved our fun conversation with Diane, who is originally from Burundi and we cover a lot in our chat including:

- Diane leaving her home country as a young girl and becoming an Olympian at the age of 15.

- The progression of her running career and what she has planned for 2023.

- Balancing life as a real estate agent and a professional runner!

In the second half our conversation, Diane shares with us the unique beauty of Burundi, including her favorite places to run, a beautiful place to stay, places of interest and foods you must try when you visit this East African country. She also hosts her own race, which we all need to support!

Photo credit: Kevin Morris

Enjoy our conversation!

Diane's recommendations for Burundi:


1.  Jardin Public - A beautiful park 20 minutes from the airport, 2k in distance. 


1. Try local food. Fresh fruits, meat, vegetables, french bread, Mandazi cake


1. Hotel Club du Lac (located on Lake Tanganyika)


1. Diane has her own race! a 10k called the "Nukuri Burundi 10K"
This will take place in early to mid December

Places of Interest

1. Lake Tanganyika (you can see hippos while you have lunch by the lake.)
2. Visit any of the National Parks in the country

Running Store

1. No running store. Talk to Diane about how you can donate running shoes!

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