We are so happy to welcome Stevie Smith to the Suite Run Podcast!

Stevie Lyn is a registered dietitian and avid endurance athlete. Her mission is to help educate and coach athletes on how to fuel their goals while not sacrificing their health. She received her B.S. in Dietetics and Nutrition from SUNY Buffalo State College and M.S. in Applied Nutrition with a Sports and Fitness concentration from Northeastern University. 

As a board certified specialist in sports nutrition, Stevie Lyn has helped hundreds of athletes and active individuals fuel to improve their performance, energy levels, and recovery without feelings of guilt or restriction. Drawing from her experiences growing up as a team-sport athlete to completing ten full ironman distance triathlons and countless other endurance and ultra distance races, she knows firsthand how important nutrition is to be a healthy athlete. 

Stevie has contributed to Run Tri Bike Magazine, Runner's World Magazine, Outside Magazine, Bicycling Magazine, and Triathlete Magazine. 

In this conversation we talk about Stevie's life an an endurance athlete and then in the second half we chat about the best of Buffalo, NY from her perspective! Beautiful running routes, great dining options, fun races, beautiful sightseeing - it's all here!

Enjoy our conversation!

Steve's recommendations for Buffalo, NY:


1. Run along the outer harbor of Buffalo, by the Kleinhans music hall toward the lake, through La Salle Park, look around the marina, through downtown Buffalo, around the grain silos at General Mills, to the top of the hill with views of Lake Erie.

2. You can also run over the Peace Bridge, which takes you over to Canada.


1. Swan Street Diner (Breakfast)
2. Jack Rabbit (Breakfast tater tots)
3. Breezy Burrito Bar (amazing nachos!)
4. The Dapper Goose (Upscale food and drinks)


1. Air BnB (Read the book "City of Light" to learn more about Buffalo architecture) and rent an old, unique home.
2. Richardson Olmsted Campus (This landmark has been converted into a hotel - fun fact: it was a former insane asylum!)


1. Buffalo Marathon (Takes places the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend)

Places of Interest

1. Frank Lloyd Wright homes (Darwin Martin House in Buffalo and Greycliff, which is 30 minutes outside the city)
2. Do something on the water in the summer.
3. Buffalo Bills game or Sabers game

Running Store

1. Runner's Roost (two locations in Buffalo)

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