We are so happy to welcome Claire Messinger to the Suite Run Podcast!

Claire is a 26 time marathoner (and soon to be six time Boston Marathon finisher!) and mom of four who is studying for her master's degree in nutrition. Claire has an interior design firm that she started 25 years ago and and she has also developed her own skin care line called Tipsycoco!

In this fun conversation, Claire shares her extensive running journey, including how she got into the sport and what big goals she has on tap for 2023 and beyond. In the second half, we talk about where Claire lives in beautiful Telluride, CO! Claire is lucky enough to live half the year in Telluride, soaking up the beautiful scenery and high altitude training. Claire shares her favorite places to run, the best places to dine out, races, hotels, and more. 

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Claire's recommendations for Telluride:


1. Bridal Veil Falls (Incline on the way up - 6-8 mile run)


1. Alpino Vino (Highest restaurant in North America)
2. The Butcher and Baker (Great breakfast!)
3. The Cowboy Cafe (Next to the gondola)
4. Sheraton Hotel (good food and drinks!)
5. There (Fun cocktails and small plates
6. Lost dollar (Great apres ski)


1. Air Bnb
2. Sheraton (new)


1. Imogene Run  (run up to 12k feet of elevation)

Places of Interest

1. Telluride Film Festival (Tons of different types festivals all year round)
2. Ride the gondola at sunset (It is free! Gorgeous views in the evening)
3. Glass of wine Alpino Vino

Running Store

1. No running store in Telluride! :)

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