We are happy to welcome Chris Lee to the Suite Run Podcast!

Chris is a two-time 50K finisher, 7 time marathoner and has completed 59 half marathons and counting.  Chris runs with Red Coyote Running and Fitness where he has coached as a pace coach for the training program and is part of their race team.  In addition, he is part of the Brooks Running Run Happy Team and a BibRave Pro. In this conversation, we chat about Chris's running journey, including the 50 miler that he is preparing to run very soon!

In the second half of the conversation, Chris shares his recommendations for running, dining out, exploring and much more in OKC!

Enjoy our conversation!

Chris Lee's recommendations for OKC:


1. Lake Hefner (9.5 mile loop)
2. Lake Stanley Draper (13-14 miles and hilly)
3. Downtown OKC on a Sunday morning to Scissortail Park


1. Neighborhood Jam (For breakfast - pancakes!)
2. The Hatch (For breakfast - hashbrown balls!)
3. Empire Slice (For lunch - large slice of pizza)
4. Cafe Kacao
5. Cheevers (One pound ice cream ball, covered in chocolate and pecans)


1. Ambassador Hotel (located in midtown)
2. Skirvin Hotel (It may or may not be haunted!)


1. Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

Places of Interest

1. Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum
2. Ferris Wheel that was purchased from the Santa Monica Pier
3. The Study (They have 64 wines on tap)
4. The Vault (Former bank vault where you can have drinks)
5. River Sports (You can go rafting in a 6 person raft - also ziplining)

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1. Red Coyote Running

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