We are happy to welcome Mark Janik to the Suite Run Podcast!

Mark is a husband, father of three, a six time marathoner and twenty five time half marathoner. FUN fact: Mark still holds the record at his Michigan high school in the 800 meters - 1:55.5 (set in 1978!)

Mark is also the founder of Destination Marathons! Destination Marathons provide a VIP experience for runners and spectators by managing all logistical details of the trip, so that guests can focus on the race, build friendships and create memories.

In this conversation, we talk about Destination Marathons - including how Mark started the company and their roster of races for 2023. In the second half of the chat, Mark shares his favorite places to RUN, dine out, race, listen to music and more in Charlotte, NC!

Enjoy our conversation!

Mark's recommendations for Charlotte, NC:


1. McAlpine Creek Park (This is a greenway and Mark's favorite run. About a 6 mile run).


1. Emmet's Social Table (For dinner. Small plates and great food)
2. La Unica (Mexican food)
3. Brakeman's Coffee (In Matthews, NC - 10-15 miles north of the city center)
4. Fahrenheit (Great food and views)
5. Jenny's Ice Cream
6. Olde Mecklenburg Brewery 


1. The Dunhill Hotel (Several presidents have stayed here!)
2. Treehouse Winery and Vineyards (You can rent a treehouse to spend the night. Book way in advance).


1. Around The Crown (10k race)

Places of Interest

1. Blumenthal Performing Arts Center (Open mic night)
2. John Tosco Music parties (All types of music is played)

Running Store

1. Omega Sports

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