We are happy to welcome Brian Kelley to the Suite Run Podcast! 

A runner who can’t settle on a favorite distance—finisher of 50+ marathons, even more half marathons, a handful of 50 milers, and once took on a 100 mile race and came out somewhat smiling. Father of two, and husband to an amazing partner who continues to support him to chase his running aspirations. Brian is a lululemon ambassador who strives to bring the running community together in everything he does and wants to give back that same kindness, welcoming energy, and “you got this” vibes that have kept him running for so many years.

In this conversation, we chat with Brian about his running journey, including the 100 mile race he raced this summer! We also talk about balancing training with family life and where Brian wants to take his running in 2023. In the second half of the conversation, we chat about the awesomeness of the East Bay Area! Brian shares his favorite places to RUN, dine out, places of interest and more in the runner's dream area of Northern California.

Enjoy our conversation!

Brian's recommendations for East Bay Area, CA:


1. Iron Horse Trail


1. Sweet Affair Bakery (Walnut Creek)
2. Rooted Coffee (Walnut Creek)
3. Homeroom (Oakland)
4. Equator Coffee (Oakland)


1. Clairmont Hotel (Berkeley)
2. Fairmont Hotel (San Francisco)
3. Rent a house


1.  Oakland Half Marathon

Places of Interest

1. Golden Gate Bridge

Running Store

1.  Lululemon (Walnut Creek)
2. Sports Basement

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