We are excited to kick off 2023 and to start the year off right, we welcome Jay Stephenson to the Suite Run Podcast! Jay is a talented runner, who has been in the sport for 27 years. He is the co-owner of Run Free Training, an on line coaching service that he owns with Olympian Ryan Hall. Jay also owns two running stores in Georgia - GoGo Running at The Shoe Box and Big Peach Running Co. Jay has a 10K PR of 29:43, a 5K PR of 14:18 and he has been running consecutive mile times in the 4 minute range for many years! 

We chat with Jay about running, work/life balance, overseeing multiple businesses, coaching and more. In the second half of the conversation, we chat all things Rome, GA! Jay shares his favorite places to RUN, dine out, places of interest and more in the quaint southern town of Rome. 

Enjoy our conversation!

Jay's recommendations for Rome, GA:


1. Berry College (Largest college in the world! Great track + tons of out and back trails.)


1. Yummy Thai
2. Bella Roma
3. Sunflower Bakery (Awesome breakfast)
4. Landmark Cafe (diner breakfast)


1. Hampton Inn


1. Berry Half Marathon
2. Big Peach Cartersville Half Marathon

Places of Interest

1. House of Dreams (At Barry College. Three miles straight uphill with beautiful mountain views)
2. Rome Braves (Minor league baseball team)

Running Store

1. GoGo at the Shoe Box
2. Big Peach Running Co. (in Cartersville)

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