We are so happy to welcome Omar Stanley Posadas to the Suite Run Podcast!

If you are looking for a regular dose of running inspiration accompanied by comedy and a vineyard backdrop of the Napa Valley then check out Omar Stanley Posada (@omar.runs.napa) on Instagram. Omar is a tech professional by day and a hybrid athlete by night. Omar began his running journey in May of 2020 and has not stopped. He ran his first half marathon in March 2022 and since then he has completed 4 additional ones including a 50K. Omar plans to complete his first marathon in 2023 and he's looking for suggestions! 

In the second half of our conversation, we dive into all the beauty and goodness of Napa, including gorgeous places to run with a vineyard backdrop, special and unique dining options to fulfill your inner foodie, places you have to visit in Napa, great races and more.

Enjoy our conversation!

Omar's recommendations for Napa Valley, CA:


1. The Vine Trail (12.5 mile paved trail from Napa to Yountville. Safe and beautiful place to wine with great scenery and no cars)
2. Carneros (This area of Napa surrounded by vineyards and it a wide paved road.)
3. Silverado (Best to run this road on a Sunday. Also surrounded by hills and vineyards - the half and marathon also run along this road)
5. Kennedy Park (trail)
6. Skyline (hiking and trail running)

EAT AND DRINK (Wineries first on this one ;0)

1. Artessa Winery (whites and red - bigger winery)
2. Domain Carneros (bubbly) 
3. Pagu (Red wine)
4. Turnbull (Red)
5. Biali (Zinfindel)
6. Mum (winery)
7. Ad Hoc (Fried chicken!)
8. R & D
9.  La Cheve Bakery and Brews (Mexican food)
10. Pastile (Brunch and best biscuits)
11. Oxbow (Many different restaurants)
12. Top of the Archer Hotel (To grab a cocktail)


1. Hotels and bed and breakfasts downtown (Note: Napa doesn't have a lot of Air BnB's)


1. Napa Valley Marathon and Half Marathon (In March)
2. Wine Shine (In July)
3. Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon (in July)

Places of Interest

1. Bottlerock music festival
2. Hot Air Ballon Ride!

Running Store

1. Napa Running Company

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