We are happy to welcome Jinghuan Liu Tervalon to the Suite Run Podcast!

Jinghuan (she/her) is a Pasadena/Altadena-based mother runner, a writer and advocate. She has been part of the Pasadena Pacers for almost 10 years, and trains with Fortius Altius Citius Training (FACT). You can find Jinghuan's writing, most of which centers around BIPOC runners' experiences, on Runner's World, Women's Running Magazine and Trail Runner Magazine. She serves on the board of Bras for Girls, a non-profit that gives sports bras away to girls in need to help them stay in the sport longer. She is also on the advisory board of the Running Industry Diversity Coalition. She is also part of Running With Purpose (RWP), a group of running advocates with Jordan Marie Whetstone.

Coming off her most recent Berlin Marathon, Jinghuan will be focusing on track events as a master's runner. She works at the Coca-Cola Company. While she's not working, running or writing, you can find her spending time with her teenage son, her daughter, husband and huskie.

Enjoy our conversation!

Jinghuan's recommendations for Pasadena, CA:


1. The Rose Bowl three mile loop. Spider run. Hilly off-shoot of Rose Bowl run.
2. The Arroyo Trail.
3. Gabrial Trails. Flat and shaded.
4. Echo Mountain.


1. Lunasia Dim Sum House
2. All India Cafe
3. Daisy Mint
4. Jin Tea
5. 85 Degrees
6. Unincorporated Coffee, Altadena


1. The Langham
2. The Westin
3. YogaSix
4. Franco Bodywork, Eagle Rock


1. The Pasadena Half Marathon. Great for landmarks. Hilly and challenging.

Places of Interest

1. The Rose Bowl Loop
2. Vroman's Bookstore

Running Store

1. Run With Us 

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