We are so happy to welcome marathoner and acclaimed coach, Dena Evans to the Suite Run Podcast!

Dena Evans has a very impressive resume  - she was the head women's cross country coach at Stanford University and helped guide the Stanford women's cross country program into one of the best in the nation, including an NCAA cross country title in 2003 AND being named NCAA's women's cross country coach of the year. Dena currently coaches post collegiate athletes competing for the Peninsula Distance Club, which she founded in 2007.

Dena is also an accomplished runner - she is a 16 time marathoner with a PR of 2:56:04 at the Boston Marathon in 2013. Dena has also completed all six of the world major marathons. She lives in Redwood City with her husband Marlon and has two girls in college. 

Dena chats with us about her running and coaching career and then we dive into Redwood City. She recommends many beautiful running routes, great dining options, races and a lot more. It was such a treat and honor to have Dena on the show!

Enjoy our conversation!

Dena's recommendations for Redwood City, CA:


1. Huddart Park (Hilly trail running)
2. Half Moon Bay (Beautiful runs and afternoon brunch)
3. Calero County Park
4. Quicksilver Park
5. Canada Road (Closed to cars on Sunday)
6. Sawyer Camp Trail 


1. Woodside Bakery and Cafe
2. Hobee's (Awesome blueberry coffee cake!)
3. Milagro's Latin Kitchen
4. La Fondue (French restaurant for special occasions in Saratoga, CA)
5. Portola Kitchen (Italian)


1. Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton (Very special hotel - beautiful views)
2. Hotel Nia
3. Four Seasons San Jose


1. Silicon Valley Turkey Trot
2. Kasier Half Marathon (Superbowl weekend. Also a 5k and 10k)

Running Store

1. Fleet Feet in Menlo Park
2. A Runner's Mind (In San Francisco and Burlingame)
2. Renegade Running (Oakland)

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