We are so happy to welcome sports nutritionist, athlete and coach - Elizabeth Inpyn to the Suite Run Podcast!

In this conversation, we talk about a variety topics including:

- Elizabeth's long career as a certified sports nutritionist and coach. (Elizabeth has an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from UCSB, an MS in Sports Performance Nutrition and an MA Education in Health Sciences & Curriculum Development.  In addition, she holds a plant-based nutrition certification from the T Collin Campbell Institute.  Elizabeth is also EMT certified, including a certification in Water Search & Rescue. Additionally, Elizabeth has worked with recreational and professional athletes for over 12 years).

- Elizabeth's impressive athletic achievements (NCAA Division 1 distance swimmer and water polo player + multiple podium finisher at the Olympic and 70.3 race distances!)

- Fueling as an endurance athlete: Elizabeth's well educated and spot on advice.

In the second half of the chat, we dive into all things TRAVEL and Elizabeth shows off her (famous in the trail world!) hometown of Auburn, CA! As you make plans for Western States next summer (or any time) Elizabeth has you covered with fantastic options for RUNNING, dining out, and so much more.

Enjoy our conversation!

Elizabeth's recommendations for Auburn, CA:


1. Lake Clementine Trail
2. Calcuttta Falls Trail
3. Western States Trail
4. Cardiac Hill Trail 
5. Robie Point Firebreak Trail
6. American River Trail - runs on either side of the American River - both paths are beautiful but I prefer the 


1. The Auburn Bodega - Best sandwiches for 100 miles!
2.  Nectar Cafe - vegan/vegetarian/healthy
3. Karen's Bakery
4. Coffee Republic (Folsom)
5. Dinner  - Mandatory: Mikuni Sushi
Roseville, Downtown Sacramento, or The Fountains locations all rock! (BBQ Ahi Tuna appetizer - red sauce & Zig-Zag Hand Roll
Black & White, Citrus Blossom & Garlic Salmon
Pimp My Roll & Peter Two Roll)

6. NixTaco - Mexican, Tequila


7. House of Oliver - wine bar, live music

8. Capitol Cellars:

9. Twin Rocks Winery


10. Crooked Lane Brewing
11. Moon Raker Brewing
12. Knee Deep Brewing 


1. Lake Natoma Inn
2. Airbnb: Granite Bay, Folsom, Auburn, Loomis


1. Marathon - CIM
2. Triathlon - Ironman California (Sacramento) 
3. Trail - Way to Cool 50k -  March 4th, 2023
4. Western States 100 

Running Store

1. Fleet Feet (3 locations: Folsom, Roseville and Downtown Sacramento)

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