We are so happy to welcome Ingrid Walters to the Suite Run Podcast!

Ingrid is a 2:48 marathoner who achieved that amazing time at the 2019 LA Marathon, where she won the women's open division at the age of 47!

In January of 2022, Ingrid won the women's 50 division at the USATF Master XC Championships and she has a lot left to accomplish in her running career. 

In this conversation, we talk about many topics including:

- Ingrid's breast cancer diagnosis in 2019 and how that impacted her running.

- Ingrid's role as a black woman competitive marathoner in the sport.

- What's going on with her running now.

In the second half of the chat, we dive into all things TRAVEL and Ingrid shines the brightest light on her hometown of LA! This is a huge treat - Ingrid give us tons of recommendations on where to RUN, DINE OUT, hang out, fun celebrity sightings and so much more! 

Don't miss our conversation!

Ingrid's recommendations for Los Angeles, CA:


1. Begin in Ocean park and run down the bike path north, toward all of the iconic sights (the Pier in Santa Monica, and the famous lifeguard tower where they filmed Bay Watch)
2. Run in Will Roger State Park (beautiful mountain and ocean views)
3. Griffith Park (near horse stables, the zoo, the train and the observatory)
4. Run near Forest Lawn (in Burbank area)
5. Run past all the movie studios (Warner Brothers, Disney, etc. Park along Forest Lawn and get off at the Griffith Park exit)
6. Run around the Reservoir in Hollywood (3.5 miles around)
7. Run Down Hollywood Blvd. (Past Musso and Franks, Roosevelt Hotel, Pantages Theatre)
8. Go all the way up to the Hollywood Sign on a run.
9. Start at San Vicente and Ocean and run to Hollywood and back (22 miles) - you will run through Beverly Hills - stop at the Coffee Bean for water (pro tip!)


1. Fig (at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica. From 5-6 PM every weekday, all food is HALF OFF.)
2. Wally's (location in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills)
3. Cora's (Santa Monica) for breakfast
4. Shangri la Hotel (go the rooftop for amazing views and the pool)
5. Ester's (7th street between Wilshire and Arizona)
6. Yamashiro
7. Giorgio Baldi (amazing food and celebrities)
8. Mastro's (in Beverly Hills - go upstairs for live music and a fun vibe!)
9. Inn of the Seventh Ray (hike and then go for a phenomenal brunch)


1. Casa Del Mar (they have a running concierge!)
2. Irwin Hotel (Venice)
3. Oceania Hotel
4. Fairmont Hotel (Santa Monica - and this is the perfect place to roll out of bed and go for a run)


1. Santa Monica Classic 5k
2. OC Half Marathon

Places of Interest

1. Hollywood Sign (go ALL the way up to the sign)
2. Hop on a tour of all the iconic tourist places in LA
3. Downtown LA
4. Henry Ford Theatre
5. Catalina Island

Running Store

1. Frontrunners (in Brentwood)

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