We are happy to welcome Mike Ko to the Suite Run Podcast!

Mike's handle is Kofuzi on his extremely popular YouTube and Instagram platforms, where he posts dynamic and detailed videos about shoe reviews, race recaps and more.

Mike is a newly minted sub-three hour marathoner - he recently ran 2:58 at Grandma's marathon (with a Go-Pro in his hand the entire way!).

In this conversation, we chat with Mike about creating awesome videos, the THREE marathons that he will be running this fall and then we dive into all things Chicago in time for the Chicago Marathon! Mike has lived in Chicago for 17 years and he shares great places to grab a meal and a drink, where to stay, what to see and of course - the best places to RUN in the Windy City. Chicago Marathon weekend - HERE WE GO!

Enjoy our conversation!

Mike's recommendations for Chicago:


1. Run along the Lakefront (Run north for a city vibe - Oak Street Beach to North Ave. Beach for sunrise and city views. Run south for a quieter lakefront view. Once you hit McCormick Place, where the expo is held, go further south for nature reserves, wildlife, foliage, etc.


1. Rinaldi's Pizza
2. Wilde (A bar named after Oscar Wilde)
3. Stella's
4. The Bagel


1. The W (along the lakefront)
2. Hotels along the riverwalk


1. Chicago Marathon
2. Soldier Field 10 mile race

Running Store

1. Fleet Feet
2. Roadrunner Sports
3. Heartbreak Hill Running Company

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