We are so happy to welcome Tammy Shakur to the Suite Run Podcast!

Tammy is a trail and ultra runner and an outdoor adventure guide. 
A long-time lover of nature, her passion for the outdoors, for community and for trail running inspired her to want to encourage other women of  color to get outside and connect with nature as well. She does that through her meetup group Wander Women of GA and also as a group run lead for TrailMixed Collective. 
When she’s not outdoors you will find her strolling the aisles of local nurseries looking for more plant babies to bring home or curled up with a good book. 
In this conversation, we chat with Tammy about her journey and entry into trail running. In the second half of the conversation we chat all about Atlanta! Tammy shares with us the best places to RUN, where to dine out in Atlanta, the best races to experience and so much more!

Enjoy our conversation!

Tammy's recommendations for Atlanta, GA:


1. Cochran Shoals (trail run near Atlanta. 3 mile loop. Trail runs along the Chatahoochee river)

2. Atlanta Belt Line


1. Yao Atlanta (known for their dumplings and duck fried rice!)

2. Ray's On The River (upscale dining experience - great steak and seafood)

3. Peach Cobbler Cafe (for dessert and southern cuisine)

4. Krog's Street Market (A food hall - Go to Fred's Meat and Cheese which has the best hamburger!)

5. Chattahoochee Food Works (Another food hall. Try the restaurant - Baked Kitchen - a African food truck restaurant. Also grab a mochi donut!)


1. Cities that are Atlanta adjacent for places to stay (Sandy Springs, Vinings, Johns' Creek, Peach Tree Corners)


1. Peachtree Road Race

2. Dirty Spokes Trail races (year round trail races). Chateu Elon - a race in November. Running through vineyards!


1. MLK Center

2. Civil Rights Museum

3. Coca Cola Museum

4. Aquarium

5. Botanical Gardens

6. High Museum


1. Big Peach (Tammy's favorite)

2. West Stride

3. Fleet Feet

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