We are so happy to welcome Australian Olympian Lisa Weightman to the Suite Run Podcast!

Lisa is a professional runner for Asics and she lives and trains in Melbourne, AU. Lisa recently placed second at the Gold Coast Marathon at the beginning of July 2022, running 2:25:55 at age 43!

Lisa is a FOUR time Olympian (2008, 2012, 2016) including her performance at the Tokyo Olympics last summer in the marathon, running 2:34:19 and coming in 26th place.

Lisa has a personal best of 2:25:15 in marathon, 1:08:43 in the half marathon, 31:49 in 10k and she was a bronze medalist in the 2008 World Cross Country Championships. 

In our chat, Lisa shares how she juggles life as a professional marathoner with her full time career as an Associate Partner for IBM and motherhood (she is mum to 7 year old Pete.).

In the second half of of the conversation, Lisa takes us on a tour Down Under through scenic Melbourne, Australia and we discover Lisa's favorite places to RUN, dine out and more (+ where to see kangaroos) - this was such a fun conversation!

Lisa's recommendations for Melbourne:


1. Yarra Flats (In Eaglemont. You can run 20+ miles in beautiful green pastures. You can even see kangaroos!)
2. Start your run at the Eaglemont Tennis Club (Lisa and her group start here - contact her if you are in town!)


1. The Terminus Hotel (Go for the chicken parmigiana with a beer!)
2. Great restaurants along the Yarro River
3. Mary's (for brunch)
4. Lots of great cafes in Eaglemont
5. East Ivy Cafe
6. Definitely grab a gelati for dessert!


1. Air BnB in any of the following areas:
Eaglemont, Clifton Hills, Pensinula (great wineries), Mornington


1. Run For The Kids (14k race to raise money for the children's hospital. Takes places around Easter)
2. Melbourne Marathon in October

Places of Interest

1. AFL Matches
2. Art Galleries
3. Dandenong Ranges National Park (45 minute drive. Great to take the kids - hiking and wildlife)
4. Nice dinner on the Yarra River
5. End of a run at Yarra Flats Westerfields Park and Diamond Creek Area to see Kangaroos.

Running Stores

1. Leo Russell (Small family owned store)
2. The Running Company

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