We are so happy to welcome Anna Kacius to the Suite Run Podcast!

Anna is a member of the Impala Racing Team in San Francisco and ran in the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials in the marathon. After placing 6th at the JFK 50 Mile last fall, Anna discovered her love for ultramarathon distances, and went on to place 2nd at the USATF 100K Championship.

In our fun chat, Anna shares with us all about her running journey and the transition from the roads to the trails - including the excitement of making her first US Championship team in the 100k! Cheer Anna and the team on as they represent the US at the World Championships this August in Berlin.

In the second half of of the conversation, Anna walks us through the stunning city of San Francisco, including her favorite running routes where she trains, great restaurants to refuel, what to see when you come to SF, fun races and so much more!

Enjoy our conversation!

Anna's recommendations for San Francisco:


1. Golden Gate Park (Run a 9 mile loop in the park - beautiful!)
2. 22 mile long run to MH Bread & Butter Cafe (Start from Lower Haight neighborhood, through Golden Gate Park, through Presidio, over the bridge drop down into Sausalito, up the hills to Mills Valley/Marin and then end at the bakery. This is Anna's favorite long run.)


1. Tarragon Cafe (Owned by an ultrarunner!)
2. Zazie (in Cole Valley. They don't take reservations, so come early, before 10 AM)
3. Greens Restaurant (Vegetarian with an Asian flair. In the Port Mason area with a view of the bridge.)
4. Toronado (Beer bar - 50 craft beers on tap)
5. Hayes Valley (Fun area for dinner or drinks)
6. La Taqueria (In the Mission area - the BEST burritos)
7. Arlequin Wineshop (stop in for a glass of wine)


1. Rent a house on the other side of the bay near trails.


1. Dipsea (old trail race in America - 7 miles. Have to send a letter in the post to apply to get in the race.)
2. San Francisco Marathon

Places of Interest

1. Golden Gate Park (Go to the tea garden)
2. The Ferry Building
3. Explore all the unique neighborhoods in San Francisco

Running Store

1. A Runner's Mind (Located on the north side of the city. They host Saturday runs.)

Photograph of Anna by: Marnie

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