Ari Hendrix Roach joins us on the Suite Run Podcast! In May of 2022, Ari ran a very quick 2:42:51 at the Bayshore Marathon, which makes her the 5th fastest US born African American woman marathoner of ALL TIME. Ari also earned a podium 3rd place finish at the Bayshore Marathon. Ari was an All American basketball player in college and found her love for running during graduate school. Ari has taken her marathon time from 3:57 to 2:42 and her next goal is to qualify for the Olympic Trials in 2024. We chat all about Ari's marathoning journey and then in the second half of the conversation Ari shares about where she lives in Ferndale, MI! 

The best places to run in Ferndale, where to refuel, grab a drink and a treat, places of interest, great races and more - Ari shares the fun details!

Enjoy our conversation!

Ari's recommendations for Ferndale, MI:


1. Stoney Creek MetroPark (40 minute drive from Ferndale. 6 mile loop. Pedestrians only. Park at the boat house.)
2. Paint Creek Trail (located in Rochester Hills. 9 mile dirt road one way. Can run an 18 mile run round trip. Park at the police station.)
3. Lake Orion (Dirt Trail. Des Linden does a lot of training for Boston here. Park at Hanson's Running Store.)


1. The Ferndale Project (Brewery and food)
2. Detroit Fleat (Food trucks outside, food inside)
3. Public House (breakfast)
4. Cold Truth (vegan ice cream)


1. Shinola Hotel (downtown)
2. Marriott Hotel (downtown)


1. Rock CF
2. Detroit Free Press Marathon

Places of Interest

1. 9 Mile

Running Store

1. Gazelle Sports (Birmingham)

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