We are stoked to welcome Peter Bromka to the Suite Run Podcast! Peter has made a name for himself in the running world with his prolific writing and gutsy marathon performances.
Peter attempted to qualify for the Olympic Trials (2020) THREE times and one of those attempts was an oh so close, 2:19:02 (the standard for men in 2020 was 2:19:00) in December 2019 at the California International Marathon. Peter's grateful attitude, true love for the sport and the realization that the marathon owes you nothing, are some of the reasons why people love Peter.
In this fun conversation, Peter shares his extensive journey in marathoning and in the second half of the chat Peter describes the beauty of his hometown of Portland, OR.
Peter is the perfect person to tell the listener the best places to RUN, dine out, hang out, race and more in Portland (which is truly a runner's paradise).

Enjoy our conversation!

Peter's recommendations for Portland:

1. Forest Park (Go to Leif Erikson Dr. and Germantown Rd. There is soft dirt and beautiful tall trees.)
2. Wildwood Trail over by the Rose Garden.
3. Four mile loop on the Riverfront
4. Single track at Mt. Tabor


1. 28th and Burnside Neighborhood - there is a great food card pod
2. Stepping Stone Cafe (breakfast)
3. Breakside Brewery (healthy and indulgent food)
4. Nossa Familia (coffee)
5. 50 Licks (ice cream)
6. Papa Haydn (cake)


1. Air B n B - rent a cottage near a trail


1. Portland Marathon
2. Shamrock Run

Places of Interest

1. Portland State Farmer's Market
2. The Gorge along the Columbia
3. Forest Park

Running Store

1. Running Pub

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