We are honored and beyond excited to welcome to the Suite Run Podcast: Newly minted Women's Marathon American record holder - Keira D'Amato!
A few months ago in January 2022, Keira laid down a gusty and fearless performance of 2:19:12 at the Houston Marathon to break the long standing 15 year old marathon record. Keira is changing the landscape of American marathoning for women and in this conversation we talk about motherhood, life, training, real estate and so much more. Keira is mom to Thomas and Quinn, wife to Anthony (who is also a blazing fast runner!) and a successful real estate agent. The four of them make up Team D'Amato, a loving, fun family who support Keira is everything she does. Oh, by the way - Keira is also the women's world record holder in the 10 mile, which she ran in 51:23! In the second half of the conversation, we talk everything Richmond, VA - where Keira lives with her family and sells a whole lot of real estate.  Want to visit Richmond and run where the fastest women's marathoner in US trains and refuels? We've got you covered.

Enjoy our conversation!

Keira's recommendations for Richmond, VA:

1. Pony Pasture on the James River (Keira loves this route for long runs - this also runs along the Richmond Marathon course)
2. Pocahontas Park (Amazing long run location)


1. Bell Greek (in Midlothian - awesome greek food, which is Keira's favorite)
2. Stella's (Greek restaurant in Richmond)
3. Brunch (Yes, that's the name of the restaurant!)
4. Eat (Also, the name of the restaurant)
5. Triple Crossing Beer (in Midlothian)
6. The Veil Brewing Co.
7. Stone Brewing
8. Hardywood Park Creft Brewery
9. Coco + Hazel (Speciality milkshake shop - decadent milkshakes that are amazing!)


1. The Jefferson (In downtown Richmond - 13 presidents have stayed here!)


1. Richmond Marathon
2. Monument Avenue 10K
3. Sports Backers (A non profit) puts on awesome races!

Places of Interest

1. Belle Isle 
2. Christmas run though the neighborhoods of Richmond
3. Richmond Flying squirrels

Running Store

1. Keira wants to open her own running store someday - yes!!

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