We are so happy to welcome Dana Klein to the show! Dana is a five time marathoner, coach, wife, mom of three and the founder of True Potential Running.
Dana has been running for 30 years and ran competitively in high school and college - she even met her husband through running.
Dana shares her running journey, how running has evolved for her over the years and how she helps others become the best version of themselves in the sport.
In the second half of the chat, we talk about where Dana lives in Naperville, IL. 
This quaint town outside of Chicago is beautiful, perfect for families and has plenty of great places to run! Dana shares her favorite places to run, dine out, the best running store in Naperville and so much more. We are excited to share this conversation with you!

Enjoy our conversation!

Dana's recommendations for Naperville, IL:

1. Riverwalk (2 miles through downtown Naperville)
2. DuPage River Trail (30 miles of pavement and crushed limestone)
3. IL Prairie Path (58-60 miles of running trail)
4. Springbrook Prairie Preserve (7 miles long, no traffic, natural wildlife)
5. North Central College (For track access)


1. Allegory (Farm to table - breakfast, lunch, dinner)
2. Sparrow (Coffee and cafe)
3. DeEtta's Bakery
4. Santo Cielo (Rooftop restaurant - great view of city)
5. Lou Malnati's Pizza
6. Giordano's Pizza (Dana's favorite!)
7.  Portillo's Hot Dogs
8. Jenny's Ice Cream
9. Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate
10. Crumble Cookies
11. The Chocolate
12. Naper Nuts and Sweets
13. Molly's Cupcakes


1. Hotel Indigo (Downtown - walk to everything)


1. Naperville Women's Half
2. Naperville Half Marathon

Places of Interest

1. Naperville Children's Museum
2. Morton Arboretum

Running Store

1. Naperville Running Company

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