What a treat and privilege to welcome Matt Fitzgerald to the Suite Run Podcast! In the world of endurance sports, Matt doesn't need an introduction. He is a successful endurance writer and the author of many books including, "Running the Dream", "Racing Weight", "How Bad Do You Want It", "The Comeback Quotient" and the latest book that just hit the bookshelves, "How to Run Like A Pro: Even If You're Slow" that he co-authored with NAZ Elite coach Ben Rosario. Matt has run over forty marathons AND an Ironman triathlon. Matt is also a coach as well as a certified sports nutritionist and he steadily contributes heavily to endurance sports on many levels. We are excited to share this laid back and fun conversation with you! Of course in the second half of the chat, we talk about where Matt lives in Oakdale, CA (The cowboy capital of the world -who knew?!). This is hands down one of our favorite conversations and we hope you enjoy it, friends! 

Enjoy our conversation!

Matt Fitzgerald's recommendations for Oakdale, CA:


1. Knights Ferry 


1. Cottonwood Cafe
2. Lucca Winery (good food, outdoor concert series)
3. Queen Bean (coffee shop + great breakfast burritos in Modesto)
4. Dewz (Fine dining restaurant in Modesto)
5. Camp 4 Wine Cafe (small bites, wine and desserts - in Modesto)


1. Matt's house! :)


1. Modesto Marathon

Places of Interest

1. Sonora (gold rush town)

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