We are beyond stoked to welcome Josh Mitchell to the Suite Run Podcast! We've talked about having Josh on the show for a long time and now the time has arrived! Josh is a 15 year old high school cross country runner, who has been running with his parents since he was a young boy. Josh loves to play basketball, soccer and is a good swimmer, but running has always been his first love. In this conversation we talk about Josh's young journey into the sport, his hopes and dreams and some fun stories that he shares along the way. Then we dive into Los Angeles from a teen boy perspective (oh boy!) and Josh shares his favorite places to run, dine out and more. This is a special one friends and we hope you love the conversation as much as we loved recording it!

Enjoy our conversation!

Josh's recommendations for Los Angeles:


1. Westridge Trail
2. Griffith Park


1. Pink's Hot Dogs
2. Howlin' Ray's
3. Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles
4. Sweet Rose Creamery (ice cream)
5. The Bombay Frankie Company


1. Brentwood 5k/10k
2. Pacific Palisades 5k/10k

Places of Interest

1. Point Dume
2. The Getty Museum

Running Store

1. Frontrunners
2. Roadrunner Sports

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