We are happy to welcome, Stacey Frantela to the Suite Run Podcast! Stacey is a runner with sixteen half marathons under his belt so far and he'll add the title of "marathoner" to his running resume in the near future! Stacey is the Co-Captain of Black Men Run Los Angeles and an active member of the Long Beach Running Club. We chat about Stacey's entry into long distance running and what running means to him. Then we pivot into all things Long Beach and Stacey shares in detail the best places to RUN, dine out (the food options are fantastic!), race, hang out and so much more in Long Beach. Don't sleep on this charming beach/port town between the OC and LA - it reminds us of a little slice of paradise.

Enjoy our conversation!

Stacey's recommendations for Long Beach, CA:

1. Queen Mary Route (10 mile run). 
Run up along Ocean Blvd. to Shoreline Dr. down into Shoreline Village, past the aquarium all the way to the Queen Mary.
Runners! Come and run with the Long Beach Running Club on Sundays at 7 AM at the Belmont Brewing Company.
This route is also part of the Long Beach Marathon and Half.
2. Arts District Run (4-5 mile run)
3. Mondays at 6:30 PM at Signal Hill - Long Beach Running Club meets to run a 5 mile run route.
4. Bixby Knolls area for trail running


1. Good Vibes Cafe (best breakfast burritos and drinks!)
2. Peatress (Bakery)
3. Simzey's (Pizza, burgers, chicken, beer)
4. The Attic (Mimosa flights and great food + brunch!)
5. Eggs etc
6. The Breakfast Bar
7. The Breakfast Cup
8. The Pot Holder
9. Steel Craft area for lots of dining options (Coffee, beer, pizza, burgers)
10. Panxa (Brunch)
11. Panama Joe's
12. Legends
13. Nick's On 2nd (Stacey's favorite! Known for chilean sea bass)
14. Ola
15. The Tantalum (Hidden gem on the East side of Long Beach. Great Happy Hour, live music on Friday nights)
16. Fuego (Located in the Hotel Maya)
17. Schooner or Later (Breakfast. Big line - go early)


1. Hotel Maya


1. The Wrigley Run (5k, 10K and 10 miler)
2. The Long Beach Marathon and Half
3. The Beach Cities Challenge (OC Marathon, Surf City, Long Beach)

Places of Interest

1. Aquarium of the Pacific
2. The Lighthouse
3. The Museum of Art (Claire's for brunch overlooking the water. In the Museum and open only on the weekend).
4. Pacific Islander Museum
5. MOLA (Museum)

Running Store

1. Runner's High

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