We are excited to welcome our longtime friend, Gus Harper to the Suite Run Podcast! Gus is a life long runner, who ran competitively in high school, college and and on a elite team post college. We chat with Gus about his extensive running and traveling (he has traveled all over the world running and painting) journey, including his big Ironman performance! Gus also shares how he became a well known professional artist and how it feels to have some of his paintings featured on famous movie and TV sets. In the second half of our conversation, Gus shares his favorite places to run, dine out, hang out and more in LA. 

This is a special conversation and we hope you enjoy three friends chatting about running, career, life and the best hidden parts of Los Angeles.


Gus's recommendations for Los Angeles:

1. Will Rogers Park
2. Rancho Potrero Trailhead
3. Sycamore Canyon
4. Venice Beach at low tide


1. Sonora Town (downtown LA)
2. Diddy Riese
3. Rutts Hut 
4. DK's Donuts
5. Vintage Grocers
6. Blue Star Donuts
7. Sidecar Donuts
8. Perch (downtown LA)
9. Grand Central Market (downtown LA)
10. Bar Hop Rose Ave. and Main street between Lincoln Blvd. and Speedway
11. Cafe Gratitude
12. Venice Ale House
13. El Primo Tacos (Venice)


1. Air Venice
2. Airbnb Venice


1. LA Marathon

Places of Interest

1. Watts Tower
2. Kenneth Hann Park
3. Broad Museum
4. Angel's Landing

Running Store

1. Big5 Sporting Goods for low cost basics

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