We are excited to welcome Carolyn Su to the Suite Run Podcast! Carolyn is the founder of Diverse We Run on Instagram, is currently featured in Trail Runner Magazine and graced the cover of Runner's World Magazine in 2020. Carolyn has built a platform to shine a light on all cultures that make up the running community and empowers runners to come to the sport fully as themselves. Carolyn is also a marathoner, ultramarathoner and trail runner who recently completed the three day leg of the TransRockies Run! In the second half of our conversation, Carolyn shares her version of the best of Boston. Marathoners prepping to seize the city, get ready! Spoiler alert - a lobster tail pastry may be the best dessert we’ve ever imagined!

Enjoy our conversation!

Carolyn Su's recommendations for Boston:


1. The Charles River
2. Historical North End and Freedom Trail


1. Tatte Bakery and Cafe
2. The Friendly Toast
3. Cafe Luna - Cambridge
4. North End for great Italian (bring cash)
5. Modern Pastry
6. Mike's Pastry
7. Barcelona Wine Bar
8. Trillium Brewing Co.
9. Night Shift Brewing


1. Airbnb in Boston proper
2. Airbnb in Brookline or Newton


1. Duh, Boston Marathon

Places of Interest

1. The Duck Tour
2. The Freedom Trail
3. Black Heritage Trail
4. Museum of African American History

Running Store

1. Marathon Sports
2. Tracksmith

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