We are so happy to welcome Tina Muir to the Suite Run Podcast! Tina is a dynamic force in the running community as founder and CEO of Running For Real, a thriving business that encompasses a podcast (with over 5 million downloads!), a huge Facebook running community (Running for Real Superstars) and a big social media presence. Tina is also the co-host of a second podcast, Running Realized, author of "Overcoming Amenorrhea" and a new book, "Becoming a Sustainable Runner" coming late 2022! This 2:36 marathoner is a former international runner for Great Britain and Northern Ireland, who is now the mum of two young daughters. We chat with Tina about what she is currently up to in the running world and then we dive into exploring St. Louis, MO - where to run, dine out, race, see and do - Tina shares her favorites!

Enjoy our conversation!

Tina's recommendations for St. Louis:

1. Forest Park (there is even a free zoo!)


1.Sydney Street Cafe
2. Ted Drew's (for custard)
3. Central West End area and Webster Grove for drinks


1. 7 Gables Inn
2. St. Louis Hotel 


1. Go! St. Louis Marathon
2. The Katy 82 Trail Relay

Places of Interest

1. St. Louis Arch
2. Farmer's Market in the summer

Running Store

1. Big River Running

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