We are honored to welcome 20x marathoner, Don Elliott to the Suite Run Podcast! Don began running marathons at the age of 40 and at 78 years young Don is an incredible athlete that is not stopping any time soon. Don loves running and training and has a lot of goals he would like to accomplish in his marathon career, which we talk about in detail in this wonderful conversation. Don is married to his wife Jan and enjoys being a father and grandfather when he isn't on the track, road or trail. In the second half of our conversation, Don shares his favorite places to run, dine out, hang out, race and more in Menlo Park, CA.

Enjoy our conversation!

Don's recommendations for Menlo Park, CA:

1. Run up Sand Hill Road and into Portola Valley. Run right through the town to Alpine Rd. Down Alpine Rd. for a 12 mile run. 
2. Run Skyline Blvd. (place off Portola Valley and up a mountain). 
3. Wunderlick Park
4. Wendy Hill 
5. San Antonio Park


1. Alice's restaurant (20 minute drive up in the mountains)
2. Miramar Hotel (In Half Moon Bay, right on the water)
3. Dutch Goose (Burgers and beer + best deviled eggs!)
4. Sam's (Half Moon Bay - great seafood)

Places of Interest

1. Go to San Francisco (Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf, Golden Gate Bridge)
2. Parks in Menlo Park (Sandhill, Portola and Alpine Rd. - so beautiful for running)

Running Store

1. Fleet Feet

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