We are so happy to welcome Alexandria Williams to the Suite Run Podcast! Alexandria is a marathoner, currently training (with her secret coach!) for the Boston Marathon. Alexandria is a Run influencer, speaker, FitHair expert and author. With a passion for marathons and marketing, Alex has helped thousands of women by seamlessly connecting the dots between health, hair and fitness for over a decade. We have a great time chatting with Alex about her running journey so far and then we dive into her new hometown of Silver Spring, MD! Alex has  a lot of fun recommendations on where to RUN, dine out, race, hang out and more in Silver Spring. We hope you enjoy our conversation with Alex!

Alexandria's recommendations for Silver Spring, MD:

1. Sligo Creek Trail (15.6 out and back trail)
2. Rock Creek Park


1. Playa Bowls (smoothies, juices)
2. Irene's Pupusa
3. Knowles Station Wine (great food)
4. Woodmore (for donuts!)
5. All Set Restaurant and Bar (BBQ and drinks!)


1. Marine Corp. Marathon

Places of Interest

1. Tacoma Park (Great place to run, walk, hang out, Farmer's Market - like a city within a city)
2. Glenstone Museum (Potomac, MD and is mostly outside)

Running Store

1. Fleet Feet
2. REI

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