We are so happy to share our conversation with marathoner, mom and educator, Connie Shieh!

Bay Area native Connie is based in the East Bay. She currently runs for Oakland Track Club and is running strong in a variety of distances coming off of her first cross country season in 15 years. She has coached high school cross country and is a proud advocate for diversity and representation, particularly in running. She recently ran a marathon PR after signing up for the California International Marathon on a whim less than three weeks before the race, and shares why taking risks and believing in yourself is so important. 

In this conversation, we talk with Connie about her philosophy around running and training and the thought process that running faster, shorter distances (and easy runs easy) will eventually lead to quicker times in the marathon. In the second half of the chat, Connie share her favorite places to run, dine out, hang out, her favorite races and more in Alameda, CA.

Enjoy our conversation!

Connie's recommendations for Alameda, CA:

1. Run on the island of Alameda (Park your car and run for miles around the flat island with beautiful views).
2. Redwood Regional (trail)
3. Joaquin Miller Park (trail)
4. Lake Chabot (Just under 9 miles. Trail run with great views)
The Ninja Loop (8-14 mile run in Marin)
5. Monument Peak
6. Mission Peak


1. Ollie Waffle Shop
2. Home Skillet (great donuts, omelets, breakfast burrito)
3. Dottie's Coffee Shop
4. Cafe Jolie (great breakfast)
5. El Caballo Wraps (Chorizo breakfast burrito)
6. Preacher's Daughter (Great date night place. Good wine)
7. Sushi Valley
8. Spirits Alley (Collection of breweries, wineries and distilleries in Alameda)
9. Almanac Brewing Company
10. Admiral Maltings
11. Rock Wall Wine Company


1. Clarmont Hotel (in Berkeley)
2. Air BnB


1. Any race the Oakland Track Club Hosts (Summer Classic, etc)

Places of Interest

1. Spirits Alley

Running Store

1. Renegade Running

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