We are happy to bring you our conversation with marathoner and fitness coach Paula Dubovoy!

Paula Dubovoy is a former collegiate track athlete, certified Personal Trainer, Exercise Nutrition Specialist and RRCA and USATF Level 1 certified coach. Paula recently ran a personal best in the marathon - a very quick 3:19 at CIM 2021, which also qualifies her for the Boston Marathon! Paula loves coaching athletes as a side hustle, and being a part of their journey to greatness. Her day job is Senior General Manager of LinkedIn's fitness centers in North America. In this conversation, Paula shares her running journey and then gives us the scoop on beautiful places to run, fun dining options, great races and more in her current hometown of Berkeley CA.

Enjoy our conversation!

Paula's recommendations for Berkeley, CA:

1. Strawberry Canyon fire trails into Tilden Park
2. Cesar Chavez Park
3. Bay Bridge Trail 


1. Cheeseboard Collective
2. Cafe Reveille
3. La Mission
4. Casa Latina Bakery
5. Raleigh's Pub
6. The Butcher's Son
7. Napa for the wine tasting
8. Yogurt Park
9. Zachary's Pizza
10. Homemade Cafe


1. Rental in N. Berkeley
2. Rental in Elmwood neighborhood
3. The Claremont Hotel


1. Grizzly Peak Trail Run
2. Berkeley Half Marathon
3. Oakland Marathon

Places of Interest

1. Rose Garden
2. Tilden Park

Running Store

1. Renegade Running

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