We are happy to bring you our conversation with Kirsten Green!

Kirsten is a high school cross country coach at West Torrance High School. This past fall, her team (including her son Hayden, a senior) WON the California State cross country division three championship, which is a huge honor. In this conversation, Kirsten (a life long competitive runner) shares her coaching journey and the process of coaching a state winning team.  In the second half of our chat, Kirsten gives us the lay of the land in the quaint town of Redondo Beach, CA including beautiful places to run (and where you can run with some very fast xc runners on a  Saturday morning), fun, affordable beach dining options, great races and so much more in her awesome hometown.

Enjoy our conversation!

Kirsten's recommendations for Redondo Beach, CA:

1. The Strand
2. Wood Chip Path on Hurando
3. Run on the trails in Palos Verdes (15 minute drive). Park at Malaga Cove Plaza. Many HS runners train there on Saturday mornings. Search on Strava for great trail maps. Also the center trail on Palos Verdes Dr. West is a great starting point.


1. Gitano Cafe (husband and wife owned. Great pastries and coffee)
2. Martha's (great breakfast - this is in Hermosa Beach)
3. Joe's (Located on PCH. Great for breakfast)
4. Blue Water Grill (Happy Hour)
5. The Shade Hotel (Happy Hour)
6. Hoka Hoka (Amazing and affordable sushi)
7. Hollywood Riveria (location in Redondo with many restaurant options)
8. Handel's (for ice cream)
9. Sports Harbor (sports bar)
10. Old Tony's (all glass windows with a 360 view of the ocean. Ask for their signature drink and you can take home the glass).


1. Air BnB
2. The Portofino Hotel


1. Village Runner is a local running store that puts on fun seasonal races all year.

Places of Interest

1. King Harbor

Running Store

1. Village Runner

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