We are so happy to welcome eight time marathoner, Laura Peifer to the Suite Run Podcast! 
Laura is a certified integrative nutritionist and she is currently pursuing a Masters in Nutrition/RD. Laura is mom to two girls, ages 11 and 7 years old (fun fact: Laura's blog was entitled Mommy Run Fast as a nod to her daughter calling out to run faster!) and lives in South Orange, NJ with her family. In this conversation we talk about Laura's running, including her recent big PR at the Philly Marathon in November! We also talk about her super interesting career and how she juggles a very busy life with a lot of running. In the second half of our chat, Laura shares her favorite places to RUN, dine out, race, gaze at the views across the way in NYC, and more in West Orange, NJ.

Enjoy our conversation!

Laura's recommendations for West Orange, NJ:

1. South Orange Reservation (Beautiful trail with 10-12 miles of running. Views of NYC, can run to a waterfall, gorgeous in the fall.
2. Around the reservoir in West Orange (Flat and beautiful near a body of water. Lots to do - the zoo, swan boats)
3. Brookside Dr. connects to the reservoir. Road is closed on Sundays


1. Jackie and Son (brunch great food)
2. Bagels By Jarrett
3. Montclair Bread Company
4. Chit Chat Diner (family friendly)
5. Kim Sushi (Get sushi and go over to Eagle Rock reservation. Great NYC views)
6. Arturo's Pizza (upscale pizza)
7. Ani Ramen (Montclair, NJ)
8. Huntley's Tavern (great for date night)


1. The Wilshire Grand
2. Air BnB
3. The George (In Montclair)


1. Fat Sass trail run (January)
2. Donut Run 5k (Montclair Bread Company)
3. Sassquad Trail Running (any race that they put on, including the above Fat Sass trail run)
4. Soma Fox Running Club (Organizes great races)

Places of Interest

1. Thomas Edison Museum (can also walk through his family's estate)

Running Store

1. Fleet Feet Montclair
2. Sneaker Factory

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