It is so fantastic to welcome Michelle Roos to the Suite Run Podcast! Michelle is a 16x marathoner with a 3:04 PR, 3x ultra marathoner (Michelle recently raced the JFK 50 miler!) and has a successful career in tech sales. In this conversation we chat about Michelle's training and prep for the JFK 50 miler, her road marathon progression, Michell's experience with modeling in NYC and her Finnish heritage. In the second half of our chat, Michelle 
shares her favorite places to RUN, dine out, race, hang out, explore history and more in Alexandria, VA.

Enjoy our conversation!

Michelle's recommendations for Alexandria, VA:


1. Mt. Vernon Trail. (Go south for 10 miles to Mt. Vernon and George Washington's birth site. You can also run north to D.C. to 14th Street Bridge and Hains Point).


1. Stomping Ground (Wonderful for brunch - great biscuit sandwiches)
2. Bagels Uprising
3. Mischa's (coffee shop)
4. Landini Brothers (old school Italian for dinner and great dirty martini)
5. Pop's Ice Cream
6. Jenny's Ice Cream
7. Custard Shack
8. The Dairy Godmother
9. Brut (A champagne bar)
10. Auggie's (for beer)


1. Air BnB rental and explore the town.


1. The Parkway Classic (10 mile race)

Places of Interest

1.Mt. Vernon
2. Ghost Tours
3. Walk Around Alexandria

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